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LWV Maryland

What Is The League?

The League of Women Voters of Howard County (LWVHC) is a local branch of the League of Women Voters of Maryland and the League of Women Voters of the United States. We are a non-partisan, multi-issue, grassroots organization whose mission is to encourage the informed and active participation of citizens in local, state, and federal government and to influence public policy through education and advocacy. The League is committed to community issues at every level of government. We encourage anyone of voting age to join us!

What Does the LWVHC Do?

  • Educates citizens about issues, candidates, and the political process.
  • Monitors government activities.
  • Registers voters.
  • Sponsors public issue forums.
  • Encourages participation in federal, state, and local decisions.
  • Establishes positions on public policy through grassroots member participation and agreement.
  • Advocates League grassroots positions.

The June Edition of The Voter is available.

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The League of Women Voters of Howard County, Inc.
League of Women Voters of Howard County
9520 Berger Road, Suite 311
Columbia, MD 21046-1501
Phone and fax: 410-730-0142

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